About Us

We want to go beyond satisfying customers, we want to delight them.

Our Role

Since 7 years Kurzen & Partner works with our clients to successfully deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create long-lasting competitive advantage. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, we look beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, drive tangible results, and make your company more capable.

Need to launch a new project, but you're missing resources or specific skills to get it accomplished? Need to get a long-delayed or ineffective project back on track? Any external assistance required, to assess and improve your organizational processes?
Kurzen & Partner can help.

Our Leadership

Kurzen & Partner was founded by Philipp Kurzen.

Mr. Kurzen brings along comprehesive leadership experience gathered during 20 years of professional career at industry leading companies DEC, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Swisscom — Switzerland’s biggest telecommunication company, SBB — Switzerland’s biggest travel and transport company — and as a member of the board for DIIN/canton of Lucerne.

Mr. Kurzen successfully transfers his profound expertise focused around the areas of consulting, project management, and task force management for tailored applications in the companies of his current clients.

Over the years Mr. Kurzen has built an experienced and creative team, developed proven strategies, and elaborated customizable project plans containing specific, targeted tactics that can be implemented and scaled to any organization to address inefficiencies, overcome process breakdowns or to bring projects to completion.

Our Focused Technical Expertise

Specializing in telecommunications, information technology and process solutions, Kurzen & Partner can assist with your most demanding technical tasks. We provice certified, best in class engineering resources for Cisco, Meraki and Microsoft enterprise solutions. Our project managers excel in fulfilling technical requirements unique to your business objectives while streamlining business process and functions to maximize output, efficiency and profitability. In addition, we can recommend proven strategies to make the most of existing infrastructure, capital and overhead to convert your current company structure and needs to make the most of existing assets and expenditures. We'll look at all aspects of your business to find and maximize processes efficiency, effectiveness and profits.
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Our Code of Ethics

Your trust is important to us. Professionality, transparency and fairness. We are committed to best available techniques and practices in all our operations, to improve our efficiency across our parts of the whole value chain. And we are committed to high standards in security, for our customers, employees and suppliers.

Kurzen & Partner Inc. is doing audits on a regular basis, is performing credit rating checks by renowned credit reference agencies. Our company has been assessed by Dun & Bradstreet (Switzerland) Inc. and Bisnode in 2018 again, got a AA's credit rating certificate for excellent payment behavior and credit standing (DUNS no. 48-566-5314).

Board Member Photo

Philipp Kurzen

Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Kurzen & Partner was founded by Philipp Kurzen, acting as CEO and Chairman of the Board.

After successful completion in IT, engineering and economic sciences, Philipp Kurzen elaborated profound experience in consulting and managing complex projects with market leaders such as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), Compaq Computer and Hewlett-Packard, Swisscom and others. More than 20 years of experience in Line and Project Management, Consulting, ICT Engineering are the foundations of his current activities.

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Claudia E. Bachmann


Kurzen & Partner was co-founded by Claudia Elisabeth Bachmann.